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No.1 BBC radio's midweek European football specials.

Truly magnificent. With no live TV coverage in the 1970s and 80s, this was how to get your weekly fix of European football.

No.2 Grandstand.

You knew Football Focus was on the way when you heard this belting out at Saturday lunch-time.

No.3 Sportsnight.

You heard this and then prayed for some European football action...

No.4 Match of the Day.

When it comes to theme tunes, this is the Daddy.

No.5 Gazzetta Football Italia.

Quite simply the best thing Channel 4 have ever done.

No.6 Saint & Greavsie.

Great Saturday lunch-time TV, an early lesson in football banter.

No.7 Fantasy Football League.

Hearing this meant 30 minutes of Baddiel, Skinner and Statto...

No.8 BBC World Cup Grandstand 1978.

The first really memorable World Cup TV tune for us...

No.9 Star Soccer.

Classic Sunday lunch-time viewing in the Midlands from ATV.

No.10 ITV World Cup 1986 music.

Another memorable World Cup tune...

No.11 The World Football Phone-in.

Two hours of great chat with Dotun, the Legendinho etc.