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No.1 Harry Enfield's Television Programme

Arsenal 1933 v Liverpool 1991.

No.2 Ripping Yarns - Golden Gordon.

"Eight-one! Eight boody-one!". Michael Palin at his very best.

No.3 The Simpsons - The Cartridge Family.

Homer takes in a soccer match.

No.4 The Likely Lads - No Hiding Place.

Terry and Bob try to avoid the England vs Bulgaria score...

No.5 Monty Python

Bournemouth Gynecologists v Watford Long John Silver Impersonators. Surreal comedy at its best.

No.6 Father Ted

All-Priests 5-a-side Over-75s Indoor Challenge.

No.7 The Day Today - Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge's Countdown to World Cup '94. "Striker!"

No.8 The Fast Show - Ron Manager.

Ryan Giggsy Wiggsy. Jiggery Pokery. Jumpers for goalposts etc. Brilliant.

No.9 Fantasy Football League

Phoenix From The Flames with Eusebio.

No.10 Monty Python

Philosophers' Football Match, Germany v Greece. Genius.