Classic Moments of TV Football Comedy

No.1 Harry Enfield's Television Programme

Arsenal 1933 v Liverpool 1991. Featuring Mr Cholmondley-Warner, chain-smoking players, a tricky winger, and a new entry to the greatest goalmouth scrambles as the entire Arsenal team charge en-masse into the Liverpool penalty area. Brilliant stuff.

No.2 Ripping Yarns - Golden Gordon.

"Eight-one! Eight boody-one!". Michael Palin at his very best.

No.3 The Simpsons - The Cartridge Family.

Homer takes in a soccer match.

No.4 The Likely Lads - No Hiding Place.

Terry and Bob try to avoid the England vs Bulgaria score...

No.5 Monty Python

Bournemouth Gynecologists v Watford Long John Silver Impersonators. Surreal comedy at its best.

No.6 Father Ted

All-Priests 5-a-side Over-75s Indoor Challenge.

No.7 The Day Today - Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge's Countdown to World Cup '94 introduced us to yet more great new football phrases, including "Eat my goal!", "Liquid football" and the brilliant "He must have a foot like a traction engine.". Oh yes, and "Striker!"

No.8 The Fast Show - Ron Manager.

Football wisdom Ron Manager style, with some classic football quotes and phrases.... Ryan Giggsy Wiggsy. Jiggery Pokery. Jumpers for goalposts etc. Brilliant.

No.9 Fantasy Football League

Phoenix From The Flames with legendary Portuguese striker Eusebio.

No.10 Monty Python

Philosophers' Football Match, Germany v Greece. Genius.