Football's most eccentric and charismatic goalkeepers

If there's one position on the football pitch that people half expect to be occupied by the team's real character, then it's the goalkeeper, such is the level of pressure being undertaken by anyone who decides to play there. You don't have to be mad to play in this position, but it certainly helps. So, whilst 'normal' goalkeepers can be a strange breed, every so often a keeper comes along whose level of eccentricity and craziness surpasses anything else on the pitch.

So, here's our list of football's most eccentric, charismatic, and crazy goalkeepers...

  • René Higuita
  • Walter Zenga
  • José Luis Chilavert
  • Thomas Ravelli
  • Bruce Grobbelaar
  • Vítor Baía
  • Navarro Montoya
  • Rüstü Reçber
  • Jorge Campos
  • Fatty Foulkes
  • Hugo Gatti
  • John Burridge
  • Oliver Kahn
  • Joël Bats
  • Santiago Cañizares
  • Neville Southall (the image of him sat against the post during half-time is hard to forget).