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Paolo Futre is a former Portuguese footballer who is widely considered one of the greatest players to come out of Portugal. Born on February 20, 1966, in Montijo, Portugal, Futre started his professional football career at the age of 17 with the Portuguese club Sporting CP.

Futre's career took off in 1983 when he moved to FC Porto, where he quickly became one of the team's key players. During his time at Porto, Futre helped the team win three consecutive Primeira Liga titles and the European Cup in 1987, where he was instrumental in the team's victory. His performances in that season saw him being named the European Footballer of the Year runner-up, a remarkable achievement for a young player.

After his success with Porto, Futre moved to Spain, where he played for Atletico Madrid for four seasons, between 1987 and 1991. During his time with Atletico Madrid, Futre became one of the club's most popular players, with his skill, speed, and creativity making him a fan favourite. He also helped the team win the Copa del Rey in 1991 and the Spanish Super Cup in 1988.

Futre's playing style was characterized by his ability to dribble past opponents with ease, his quick pace, and his remarkable vision for the game. His skill and creativity on the ball were unparalleled, making him a nightmare for defenders. He was also known for his spectacular goals, with many of his strikes being nominated for the FIFA Puskás Award.

Futre's international career was also impressive, as he played for Portugal in the 1986 and 2000 World Cups, as well as in the 1984, 1996, and 2000 European Championships. Although Portugal did not win any of these tournaments, Futre's performances were always exceptional, and he played a significant role in the team's success.

After retiring from professional football in 1998, Futre went on to become a football agent and commentator. He also founded the Paulo Futre Football Academy, which provides coaching and training to young players in Portugal.

In conclusion, Paolo Futre is a legend of Portuguese football and one of the greatest players to grace the game. His skill, creativity, and pace on the field made him a joy to watch, and his numerous achievements at both club and international level are a testament to his talent. Futre's legacy in the sport continues to inspire new generations of footballers in Portugal and beyond.

Paulo Futre - Info

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Name: Paulo Futre
Date of Birth: 28th February 1966
Nationality: Portugal
Position(s): Left Winger
Career: 1983 to 1998
Regular Shirt Number(s): 10
Nickname(s): None

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