The C.F. Classics Logos

C.F. Classics Logo 2017

C.F. Classics Original Badge

Our first ever C.F. Classics logo.

The classic C.F. Classics if you like.

Inspired by some of the South America crests, such as Club Atl├ętico Belgrano from Argentina, which are formed simply from the club initials, rather than using any other objects such as footballs.

C.F. Classics Logo Mexico 70

C.F. Classics Mexico 70 Logo

Our love for Mexico 70 is strong.

From the greatest World Cup goal ever (scored by the greatest World Cup team ever) through to the greatest World Cup logo, it remains the most memorable tournament in the game's history.

This is our take on that classic World Cup font.

C.F. Classics Logo Coppa Italia Red

C.F. Classics Coppa Rosso Logo

Our love for Italian football is even stronger.

Here's our take on the classic Coccarda badge that Coppa Italia winners get to wear the following season.

This is the classic red version. You'll find we've also done the alternative green one too.

C.F. Classics Logo Coppa Italia Green

C.F. Classics Coppa Verde Logo

...And here's the alternative green edged logo.

C.F. Classics Logo Boca80

C.F. Classics Boca'80 Logo

In homage to that classic Boca Juniors shirt logo of the early 1980s, with the initials in the stars and those iconic golden yellow and blue colours.