Luton Town Celebrity Fans and Famous Fans

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Cerys Matthews Proper Fan

A surprising one given her Welsh roots, but the former lead-singer of indie-band Catatonia is now a passionate supporter of the Hatters. The connection to the club came following her marriage to Steve Abbott, a former singer turned manager and promoter who hails from Luton. She got the bug and has been a huge fan every since. When they got married in Wales in 2011 they spent spent their first day as a married couple watching Luton play Bath City, and even sponsored football match!

Eric Morecambe Proper Fan

Nick Owen Proper Fan

The TV presenter was born not too far away in beautiful Berkhamsted and has been a huge lifelong Hatters fan. He even stepped up to the role of chairman to try and steady the ship after the club went into administration in 2008. He was born over

Colin Salmon Fan

Actor, best known for his role as Charles Robinson, a regular character in three James Bond films; Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Following Luton's fairytale play-off promotion to the Premier League, he recently stated that, although he's not been down to Kenilworth Road much recently because of work commitments, he always tries to watch any live matches that are broadcast on TV.

Categories of Famous/Celebrity Football Fans

  • Proper Fan - a fan who goes to a lot of matches.
  • Fan - a fan who comments a lot on the club and goes to the occasional match, often because of their busy work schedule.
  • Alleged Fan - we can't find any supporting evidence, but sections of the fanbase are adamant they support the team.
  • Born-there Fan - there seems to be no actual evidence of the person supporting the club, but because they were born there some fans have claimed them as one of their own.
  • Brainwashed-by-a-relation Fan - convinced by a family member or friend to follow their team.
  • Doesn't-actually-exist Fan - definitely a fan of the club, but not actually a real person.
  • Dual-club Fan - that strange breed of person who claims to support more than one club.
  • Ex-fan - used to support the club but for certain reasons (possibly glory-hunting) they now support another.
  • Looks-for-result Fan - doesn't appear to go to any matches but sounds likely to check the Vidiprinter on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Links-to-the-area Fan - similar to the Born-there Fan, but this can open up the celebrity fan possibilities to anyone with vague connections to the town or county,
  • Part-time Fan - a fan, but only seems to appear at the most important games.
  • Tenuous Link Fan - usually some obscure reason like they once had a meal with the club's owner, so obviously the're now a fan of the club.
  • Went-to-a-game Fan - often film stars who are in town and take in a match, appear on the pitch with a scarf, and are then suddenly declared a fan by the other supporters.
  • Went-to-games-as-a-kid Fan - used to go to a few matches as a youngster, so this is taken as an everlasting love for the club by fellow fans, even though the person may not have shown any interest whatsoever in football since being dragged to a match as a five year-old.