Sheffield Wednesday Celebrity Fans and Famous Fans

Sheffield Wednesday Crest
Sheffield Wednesday Crest
Sheffield Wednesday Crest
Sheffield Wednesday Crest

Michael Vaughan Fan

The former England cricket captain was born in Greater Manchester but moved to Sheffield at an early age and has followed the Owls ever since, regularly appearing at Hillsborough and commenting on the club’s fortunes in the media after he became a household name in 2005 when he captained England to Ashes victory for the first time in 18 years.

The Sherlocks Fan

The Sheffield indie band is made up of two Wednesday-supporting brothers, Kiaran and Brandon Crook, as well as Alex Procter and Trent Jackson. In 2021 they had their biggest hit so far, Falling, and used it to officially launch the club’s new kit.

Reverend and the Makers Fan

Jarvis Cocker Fan

He gained legendary status in 1996 when he invaded the stage during Michael Jackson’s performance at the Brit awards, and anyone who knows much about the lead singer of Pulp will probably be a bit surprised to hear that he’s into football at all. However, Wednesday fans had claimed for years that he was one of their own and was an unlikely sight at both home matches and the occasional away game, and an interview with the Guardian in 2016 confirmed his allegiance as he spoke of how culturally important it was, mentioned his son in a full Wednesday kit, and finished the article with an "Up the Owls".

Richard Hawley Fan

The multiple Mercury Prize nominated singer/songwriter is a lifelong Owls fan and a regular sight at Wednesday’s matches.

Heaven 17 Fan

The synth-pop band, particularly keyboard player Martyn Ware, have been big followers of Wednesday since forming in 1980, regularly sponsoring Wednesday players and recording a number of club songs.

Thompson Twins Fan

Another synth-pop group from the 1980s, and another whose lead singer, Tom Bailey, being a big Wednesdayite. They were involved in a couple of club singles, We Are The Owls and You Take Me Up.

Arctic Monkeys Fan

Confirmed Famous Followers of Sheffield Wednesday

  • Alex Turner - Singer (Arctic Monkeys).
  • David Blunkett - Former politician.
  • Jarvis Cocker - Singer (Pulp).
  • Tommy Craig - Actor.
  • Roy Hattersley - Former politician.
  • Richard Hawley - Singer.
  • Jermaine Jackson - Singer.
  • Jon McClure - Singer (Reverend and the Makers).
  • Michael Palin - Comic actor (Strangely he also supports rivals United).