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Matthias Sindelar was an Austrian footballer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation. Born in 1903 in Kozlov, Austria-Hungary, Sindelar began his football career playing for the local club, Hertha Vienna. He quickly established himself as a talented player and was soon signed by Austria Vienna, one of the most successful clubs in Austrian football history.

During his time at Austria Vienna, Sindelar helped the team win three Austrian league titles and four Austrian Cup titles. His skill and creativity on the field quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best players in Europe, and he was nicknamed "the Mozart of football" for his elegant playing style.

Sindelar also played for the Austrian national team, earning 43 caps and scoring 26 goals. He was a key player for the team, helping them reach the semi-finals of the 1934 World Cup and playing a crucial role in Austria's famous victory over Germany in 1936.

Off the field, Sindelar was known for his independent spirit and refusal to conform to the expectations of the authorities. During the Nazi occupation of Austria, Sindelar refused to salute the flag at a match against Germany, and he was subsequently targeted by the authorities. His death in 1939, at the age of just 35, is still shrouded in mystery, with some speculating that he was murdered by the Nazis.

Despite his short career, Sindelar's legacy as one of the greatest players in Austrian football history continues to inspire fans and players alike. His skill and creativity on the field, combined with his courage and independence off the field, have made him a hero to many, and his influence on the sport is still felt today.

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Name: Matthias Sindelar
Date of Birth: 10th February 1903
Nationality: Austria
Position(s): Centre-forward
Career: 1921 to 1939
Regular Shirt Number(s):
Nickname(s): The Mozart of Football, Der Papierene (The Paper Man)

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