Tarcisio Burgnich

A proper old-school defender, Burgnich was tough, physical and a nightmare to play against. His strength and power led to his nickname of "La Rocciaā€¯, meaning the Rock, an appropriate nickname for someone who's jawline looked like it had been formed in a Dolomites quarry.

Whilst Burgnich could comfortably play in a number of positions across the back line, including centre-back and sweeper, it was as a right-back that he was best known. A key part of Inter's famous catenaccio system, Burgnich formed one of football's great fullback partnerships with Facchetti. And whilst Facchetti was renowned for his attacking ability, Burgnich was more than happy to make his name for his defensive duties, as his reliability and consistency made him one of Italy's finest defenders through the 1960s and 1970s.

Tarcisio Burgnich - Info

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Date of Birth:
Nationality: Italy
Position(s): Right-back
Career: 1958 to 1977
Regular Shirt Number(s):

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