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There aren't many players who throughout their career find themselves being played as a left-winger, an attacking midfielder, a defensive midfielder, a left-back, and then a centre back. And there aren't many players who could hit a dead-ball as well as Siniša Mihajlovic. He might have courted controversy several times during his playing career, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that he had a wand of a left foot. Not only was it put to good use spraying glorious passes around the pitch, but when it got the sniff of a chance from a dead-ball situation then it usually meant trouble for the opposition.

With 28 goals scored from free-kicks during his fourteen seasons playing in Italy, Mihajlovic holds the record for the most free-kicks scored in Serie A. He is also one of only two players, the other being Giuseppe Signori, to have scored a hat-trick of free-kicks in one match, his three goals helping Lazio beat Sampdoria 5:2 on the 13th of December, 1998.

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