The Group of Death at each European Championships

The European Championships first "Group of Death" was at Euro '96. Up until that tournament, there'd never been more than two groups, so the teams were always in for a hard draw as only the very best nations had usually qualified.

You can find more details on the origins of the "group of death" on our football phrases section.

2020 European Championships

Group F was the "Group of Death" at Euro 2020. It was made up of Portugal (the tournament holders), France (the Worlkd Cup holders), Germany (perennial tournament big-hitters) and Hungary (who would play two of the matches at their home ground in Budapest). As expected, all three of the big boys went through, but not before Hungary gave them all a really decent game and a few scares along the way...

  • 5 Pts France (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Germany (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Portugal (Qualified)
  • 2 Pts Hungary

2016 European Championships

Group E was the "Group of Death" at Euro 2016.

  • 6 Pts Italy (Qualified)
  • 6 Pts Belgium (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Republic of Ireland (Qualified)
  • 1 Pts Sweden

2012 European Championships

Group B was the "Group of Death" at Euro 2012.

  • 9 Pts Germany (Qualified)
  • 6 Pts Portugal (Qualified)
  • 3 Pts Denmark
  • 0 Pts Netherlands

2008 European Championships

Group C was the "Group of Death" at Euro 2008.

  • 9 Pts Netherlands (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Italy (Qualified)
  • 2 Pts Romania
  • 1 Pts France

2004 European Championships

Group D was the "Group of Death" at Euro 2004.

  • 9 Pts Czech Republic (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Netherlands (Qualified)
  • 2 Pts Germany
  • 1 Pts Latvia

2000 European Championships

Euro 2000 got greedy, having not one "Group of Death", but two, with Group A and Group D both being given the tag.

Group A featured Germany (the tournament holders from Euro '96), England, a terrific-looking Portuguese side, and a vastly experienced (and talented) Romanian side.

  • 9 Pts Portugal (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Romania (Qualified)
  • 3 Pts England
  • 1 Pts Germany

Group D looked equally daunting, with co-hosts the Netherlands, World Cup holders France, the Czech Republic (runners up at Euro '96, but with an even better looking squad at Euro 2000) and Denmark.

  • 9 Pts Netherlands (Qualified)
  • 6 Pts France (Qualified)
  • 3 Pts Czech Republic
  • 0 Pts Denmark

1996 European Championships

Group C was the "Group of Death" at Euro '96.

  • 7 Pts Germany (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Czech Republic (Qualified)
  • 4 Pts Italy
  • 1 Pts Russia