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The good folks at Bundesliga Boxes know a thing or two about German shirts. They were established in 2020, offering mystery shirts and other memorabilia from the Bundesliga and other German leagues. They're run by the same people who are behind Covert Football Trips, the company who combine football matches with an international mystery trip.

Thanks to Richard at the company who has been kind enough to go through his collection and has picked out his favourite 11 shirts from German football to share with us...

No.11 Borussia Monchengladbach 2020-21

Everyone needs a Blackout shirt in their collection and I purchased this when they were peaking. Another anniversary shirt (this one celebrating the club's 120th anniversary) meant to me that the shirt had meaning to it and became my first Black-Out shirt purchase (even though there is some white!)

Borussia Monchengladbach 2020-21 shirt

Borussia Monchengladbach 2020-21 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.10 SpVgg Bayreuth 2020-21

Special kit to celebrate SpVgg Bayreuth's 100th anniversary.

There are not many predominantly Black Shirts with Yellow trim out there which was perhaps the pull when I first saw this. I love an anniversary shirt, I love the colour and it is extremely unique. I recently wore this on a trip to watch Bayreuth and absolutely adore it.

SpVgg Bayreuth 2020-21 shirt

SpVgg Bayreuth 2020-21 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.9 Fortuna Dusseldorf 2020-21

The Fortuna Dusseldorf Special Shirt was mid-pandemic and was a show of support for the pubs and restaurants in the city. A contribution would be made with every sale which was enough for me. There was also a 5 Euro voucher inside the box which could be redeemed at participating places. However, what I love about the shirt is the pencil marks on the sleeves which reminds me of my visits to the city. When you visit Dusseldorf and drink the local beer the barman will add a pencil mark to your beermat as a running total for your bill. On this shirt there are 9 pencil marks on the left sleeve and 5 on the right to symbolise 95.

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2020-21 shirt

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2020-21 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.8 Nuremberg 2020-21

Nuremburg release a Christmas Trikot each year which sell out fast. These are always quite extravagant and this one exceptionally so. The images across the shirt are of Lebkuchen which is from the City, the pattern is of the almonds which sit on the top. Nuremberg is my German club and this is my favourite from the Nuremburg collection.

Nuremberg 2020-21 shirt

Nuremberg 2020-21 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.7 Bochum 1998-99

I love this shirt just for being 1990s and rare. It became available and just knew I needed it for my collection. In the modern day, many clubs have issued diversity themed shirts however this was 1998 and truly ground-breaking. This is the red third shirt and there was a Home and Away version too.

Bochum 1998-99 shirt

Bochum 1998-99 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.6 VfB Stuttgart 2020-21

The Stuttgart shirt was initially a FOMO moment. I was laying down scrolling through twitter when an email came through from VfB Stuttgart about a shirt launch which was promoting diversity. Curiously I clicked on the link and went through to the shop joining a queue with thousands of people already Infront of me. It was only then I realised that this was a limited edition of only 1,983 shirts and the race was on. I watched a bar going across the screen advising it would be my turn to enter the store in approximately 60 minutes. Leaving the page would see me kicked out of the queue, I waited, considering whether I wanted to actually buy the shirt or not. I wasn't sure if there would be any left when I entered the store. When it was my turn, the instinct to purchase was too strong. The price of 80 Euro's had clearly put many off when they entered the store and there were shirts remaining. I clinched a shirt which an hour before I didn't know was going to exist. Now it remains a real favourite which I would never let go.

VfB Stuttgart 2020-21 shirt

VfB Stuttgart 2020-21 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.5 1860 Munich 1996-97

A great example of a Sponsor making this a cool and iconic shirt. This is one of only a few long sleeve shirts in my collection.

1860 Munich 1996-97 shirt

1860 Munich 1996-97 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.4 Fortuna Dusseldorf 2019-20

Fortuna Dusseldorf x Die Toten shirt.

This is just a cool shirt sponsored by the local band who support the club. If you zoom in on the stripes, the rough edges represent the sound curve of the band's song "Alles aus Liebe".

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2019-20 shirt

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2019-20 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.3 Kaiserslautern 1996-98

I love a fallen giant, I crave for clubs like Kaiserslautern, Nuremburg and Magdeburg to be back in the big time. This shirt just oozes success with Kaiserslautern gaining promotion in 1997 and then winning the Bundesliga in 1998 wearing this shirt - the only newly promoted team ever to do so.

Kaiserslautern 1996-98 shirt

Kaiserslautern 1996-98 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.2 West Germany 1990

Italia '90 was the first World Cup I watched, and Germany went on to lift the trophy. Watching Lothar Matthaus charging through the midfield during that tournament is an iconic as Van Basten and that Dutch shirt (also in my collection).

West Germany 1990

West Germany 1990.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

No.1 Schalke 1992-93

This was a shirt I wasn't aware of until it appeared on social media a couple of times, a shirt I wasn't looking for suddenly appeared for sale and I just had to have it. Whilst many people don't like a shirt sponsor, for me they make or break a shirt and this one I love.

Schalke 1992-93 shirt

Schalke 1992-93 shirt.

Image credit: Bundesliga Boxes

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