Classic Greatest Goals Never Scored

Whilst hitting the back of the net is the ultimate aim of the game, we can also appreciate special bits of play that didn't quite end up as they probably deserved...

No.1 Pelé, 1970. Brazil vs Uruguay.

A thing of beauty. From Jairzinho's shimmy, to Tostão's through ball, and finally Pelé's genius dummy. ...Sadly the great man then puts it past the post! However, it's still one of the greatest World Cup moments, despite it not going in.

No.2 Hans-Günter Bruns, 1983. Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Bayern Munich.

Incredible. What a run by the big Gladbach stalwart, from one end of the pitch to the other. Finished off with the classic double-post as well, just to rub it in for old Hans-Günter.

No.3 Chris Waddle, 1991. Marseille vs Milan

A great run from "Magic Chris" in the European Cup semi final. Sadly his final touch just gets away from him.

No.4 Pelé, 1970. Brazil vs Czechoslovakia.

Pelé again. This time just missing from the halfway line.

No.5 Éder, 1982. Brazil vs Argentina.

Ok, so Zico ultimately taps in the rebound, but this free kick from Éder at the 1982 World Cup really deserved to go of its own accord. With the distance, the power, the swerve, the huge run-up, and the tip onto the underside of the bar, it was a joy to behold!