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Argentinian football has produced a plethora of talented forwards, and Rubén Hugo Ayala Sanabria was one of the best of the 1970s. Born on January 8th, 1950, in Santa Fe, Ayala had a prolific playing career marked by his goal-scoring prowess, agility, and ability to find the back of the net with precision.

Rubén Ayala began his footballing journey with San Lorenzo, a prominent club in Argentina at the time, making his professional debut for the club in 1968. Ayala quickly showcased his talent and goal-scoring ability and caught the eye of reporters and fans alike. His performances in the late 1960s quickly saw him called up for the national team, earning his first cap in 1969.

Rubén Ayala's had five successful years at San Lorenzo, playing a vital role in the club's domestic triumphs of 1972. Ayala's goal-scoring prowess and ability to make crucial contributions in important matches became his trademark, earning him a reputation as a true match-winner.

His form with San Lorenzo would earn him a move to Europe in 1973, signing for Atlético Madrid. He would play with the Spanish club for six years, from 1973 to 1979, scoring nearly 50 goals in 169 appearances and helping the club win the Intercontinental Cup, La Liga and Copa del Rey titles.

Rubén Ayala represented the Argentinian national team during his career, earning caps and making notable contributions. Although his international career was relatively brief, Ayala left a mark with his goal-scoring ability and technical skill. He represented Argentina in the 1974 FIFA World Cup, where he showcased his talent and helped the team reach the second round. Ayala's performances for the national team reflected his ability to thrive on the grandest stage of international football.

Rubén Ayala's playing style was characterized by his clinical finishing, agility, and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities. He possessed a natural instinct for finding the back of the net, often popping up in the right place at the right time. Ayala's intelligent movement off the ball and his ability to hold up play and involve his teammates made him a complete forward.

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Name: Rubén Hugo Ayala Sanabria
Date of Birth: 8th January 1950
Nationality: Argentina
Position(s): Striker
Career: 1968 to 1984
Regular Shirt Number(s):

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