Classic World Cup Squad Songs

With all their fancy image rights and sponsorship agreements you probably won't get footballers doing these cheesy squad songs anymore, but back in the day it was a part of the build up to a World Cup.

Cheesy song titles, cheesy lyrics, cheesy Top of the Pops appearances, and players looking very uncomfortable in the recording studio etc. It was great stuff.

Some of the have become TV football comedy gold, with the great combination of those footballers who are absolutely loving it and really getting into it (Kevin Keegan) and those looking like they'd even rather be doing shuttle runs on the training pitch (Phil Thompson).

Anyway, to remind us how good/bad they were, here are some classic World Cup squad songs...

No.1 "Back Home" England squad 1970

The original squad song, and still the best.

No.2 "Ally's Tartan Army" Scotland squad 1978

Andy Cameron's tribute to Ally MacLeod and his Scotland side.

No.3 "This time (we'll get it right)" England squad 1982  

Having been absent from the World Cup charts for 12 years after failing to qualify for 1974 World Cup and 1978, this was England's comeback song for the España 82 World Cup. Kevin Keegan belted the song out but the team didn't quite "get it right" on the pitch.

No.4 "We Have a Dream"  Scotland squad 1982

They had a dream. The reality was a nightmare.

No.5 "World in Motion" England 'squad' 1990 

We use the term 'squad' loosely, because some of them didn't bother! Hats off to the one's that got involved with New Order though - it's a fine tune by a great band, and the rap by John Barnes remains a classic part of 90's football.