The Greatest French Club Shirts and Kits of All-time

No.1 Saint-Étienne 1976-77 (Le Coq Sportif / Manufrance)

As Saint-Étienne burst onto the European scene in the mid 1970s, reaching the semi-final, final and quarter-final of the European Cup in the space of three years, their distinctive kit became one of the most iconic of the 1970s.

This particular shirt was one of the most memorable, with the colours of the French tricolour providing a magnificent trim on the neck and cuffs, along with the glorious Le Coq Sportif motif and the huge, boxed MF logo.

Worn by the likes of Dominique Rocheteau, Gérard Janvion and Dominique Bathenay, it remains one of our favourite football tops of all time.

No.2 Nice 1983-85 (Le Coq Sportif / Olympia Chaussettes)

No.3 Nantes 1980-81 (adidas / Europe 1)

Europe 1, the French radio station, was synonymous with Nantes in the late 1970s and 1980s, sponsoring their adidas shirts for ten years. Their are a number of variations but this was an absolute beauty, the huge 1 forming a glorious green sash design with the badge incorporated into the top of it. Add to that the adidas trefoil, the pinstripe and the green cuffs and neck, and you have an incredible kit.

No.4 Saint-Étienne 1980-81 (Le Coq Sportif / Super Tele)

The thin white stripes on that green shirt. That contrast neck panel and cuffs. The huge badge and Le Coq Sportif motif. All topped off with that massive SUPER Tele sponsorship logo. A genuine thing of beauty, made even better by some of the players who wore it.

No.5 Bastia 1989-91

Not sure if any other clubs have used their badge to dominate their shirt like Bastia did in the 1970s, but for the Corsican club it certainly worked, an incredibly bold design that once seen, is not forgotten. The club badge features a Moor's head, also used on the flag of Corsica,

No.6 Monaco 1983-84 (Le Coq Sportif / Bally)

Given Monaco's status as a home of millionaires and high-rollers, this particular sponsor was quite apt for the club, Bally being a luxury Swiss brand.

It's a great looking shirt, all the action taking place on the red half of the diagonal panels, with the club badge, Le Coq Sportif and Bally logos all in contrasting white colour.

As worn by Bernard Gengini, Manuel Amoros, and Bruno Bellone.

No.7 Bordeaux 1983-84 (adidas / Mallardeau Residences)

Another French club shirt that was memorable partly because of the sponsorship on the front and back of it. The unusual semi-circular shape of the MALARDEAU lettering, with residences underneath it, seemed to make the shirt even better.

It was another shirt that used only two colours, with the lovely deep blue colour of the shirt contrasting with the white pin-stripe, neckline, adidas trefoil and the iconic Bordeaux crest of the time.

A great shirt was also accompanied by a great team, the likes of Bernard Lacombe, Alain Giresse and Jean Tiganaall wearing the jersey as they pipped Monaco to win Ligue 1 for only the second time in their history as they embarked on the most successful period in the club's history that would see them win the French league title three times in four years.

No.8 Racing Strasbourg 1980-82 (adidas / CMDP)

Any kit with the old adidas trefoil on it is already starting with a bit of an advantage, but this has the bonus of a great round badge on it, and the different arm and body colour.