Sepp Maier

A tremendous goalkeeper who literally won everything during his 18 years with Bayern Munich (he was a one-club man with the Bavarian giants) and 13 years with the West German national team, including the World Cup, the European Championship, three European Cup trophies and four Bundesliga titles.

Maier's great reflexes, speed and agility earned him the nickname "Die katze von Anzing" ("the cat from Anzing") but he was also incredibly consistent and dominant in the box in addition to his shot-stopping ability. His longevity was also incredible - he holds the record for consecutive Bundesliga matches - 442 from 1966-79.

Maier also became one of the most iconic keepers in football history with his trademark long shorts and being the first keeper to wear huge over-sized goalkeeper gloves. This image, along with his humour and personality made him a huge fan favourite throughout his career.

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