The Mascots of the Copa America

1987 Copa America Mascots

No.1 "Gardelito" 1987 Argentina

A baby-faced version of the country's famous tango singer, Carlos Gardel. With a ball.

1989 Copa America Mascots

No.2 "Tico" 1989 Brazil

A cute bird. With a ball. Strange that Tico wasn't decked out in the Seleção's home kit.

1991 Copa America Mascots

No.3 "Guaso" 1991 Chile

Brilliant. Why ? It looks a bit like Roger Mellie (from Viz) in a Chile kit. With a ball.

1993 Copa America Mascots

No.4 "Choclito" 1993 Ecuador

When it comes to a top 10 of sweetcorn-themed mascots with a ball, "Choclito" is right up there.

1995 Copa America Mascots

No.5 "Torito" 1995 Uruguay

A bull in a Uruguay kit. With a ball. A classic mascot.

1997 Copa America Mascots

No.6 "Tatu" 1997 Bolivia

If you've ever wondered what an armadillo in a Bolivian football kit with a ball looks like...

1999 Copa America Mascots

No.7 "Tagua" 1999 Paraguay

Apparently this is a Chacoan Peccary, a cheeky young scamp who likes a drink. And a ball. And waving.

2001 Copa America Mascots

No.8 "Ameriko" 2001 Colombia

Not for us this one - it appears to be a Pokémon character booting a rather flat ball.

2004 Copa America Mascots

No.9 "Chasqui" 2004 Peru

This is more like it. An ancient Inca of Peru, doing keepy-uppys down the wing.

2007 Copa America Mascots

No.10 "Guaky" 2007 Venezuela

A macaw dressed in the colours of 'La Vinotinto'. Obligatory ball under the wing for good measure.

2011 Copa America Mascots

No.11 "Tangolero" 2011 Argentina

Put a large flightless bird in a football kit. Give it a ball. Combine "Tango" and "Gol" for the name. Mascot done.

2015 Copa America Mascots

No.12 "Zincha" 2015 Chile

Cute fox mascot named by a public vote. Owner of a colourful football.

So there you go. As you'd expect, the Copa America mascots follow a similar style to the World Cup mascots, apart from the glorious Roger Millie-inspired "Guaso" from 1991. There's also a whole host of Copa America logos to go alongside them.