The Mascots of the World Cup

1966 World Cup Mascot
1970 World Cup Mascot
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2014 World Cup Mascot
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Whilst many of the World Cup logos and World Cup posters showcase some of best and most iconic examples of great football artwork, the World Cup mascots are mainly designed to appeal to a younger audience, often resembling cuddly toys. There is one exception though - Ciao from Italia 90 was seen at the time as being a bit bonkers but over the years it's become accepted as another wonderful example of Italian football coolness from the 90s.


1966 World Cup Mascots

No.1 "World Cup Willie" 1966 England

The first World Cup mascot. He's a lion, a symbol of England, and he likes the World Cup.

1970 World Cup Mascots

No.2 "Juanito" 1970 Mexico

Hefty boots. Classic Mexico 70 sombrero. Football shirt shrunk in the wash. What's not to like about Juanito ?

1974 World Cup Mascots

No.3 "Tip & Tap" 1974 West Germany  

The rosy-cheeked Laurel & Hardy lookalikeys broke ground as the first World Cup mascot duo.

1978 World Cup Mascots

No.4 "Gauchito" 1978 Argentina

He's a young gaucho. He loves football. He likes neckerchiefs. And he carries a whip.

1982 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.5 "Naranjito" 1982 Spain

An orange. In a Spain kit. Surely the most iconic orange-based mascot ever.

1986 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.6 "Pique" 1986 Mexico

Realising that human mascots were no longer in vogue, Mexico now went for a moustachioed jalapeño called Pique.

1990 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.7 "Ciao" 1990 Italy

With it's football head and cubed-tricolore body, Ciao looked like something out of a Picasso XI. Our favourite mascot ever though and the only one that almost became a cultural icon of the actual tournament.

1994 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.8 "Striker" 1994 USA

The soccer-loving offspring of Huckleberry Hound. Probably.

1998 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.9 "Footix" 1998 France

Classic Gallic rooster that ticks all the essential mascot boxes.  And not Asterix, but Footix.

2002 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.10 "Ato, Kaz & Nik" 2002 Japan/S.Korea

Also known as "The Spheriks", part of an "Atmoball" team. The Far East lost the plot here, this was truly dreadful - a real low point in World Cup mascots.

2006 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.11 "Goleo" 2006 Germany

Supposedly a lion, but looking remarkably like a bear. Whatever Goleo was, it had no pants on.

2010 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.12 "Zakumi" 2010 South Africa

Clever this. ZA=South Africa Abbreviation. Kumi=10 in some African languages.

2014 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.13 "Fuleco" 2014 Brazil

A footy-mad armadillo. To be honest, maybe Scolari should have picked Fuleco ahead of Fred.

2018 Classic World Cup Mascots

No.14 "Zabivaka" 2018 Russia

Zabivaka was a spiky-haired wolf that wore Edgar Davids' glasses. His name apparently means "the one who scores".