Classic Italian Football Kit Manufacturers


Classic Italian football shirt manufacturers, in no particular order...

No.1 Ennerre (NR)

Ennerre (NR)

If there's one brand to associate with Italian football in the 1980s it's Ennerre, and their iconic nr logo. Created by ex-player Nicola Raccuglia (see what he did there?), they dominated the domestic Italian market before disappearing in the 2000s.

Paired up with some classic kit sponsors, such as Barilla, Buitoni, Mars and Seleco, and worn by Serie A icons galore (Baresi, Maradona, Falcao, Careca, Baggio etc.), Ennerre were responsible for some of the most iconic shirts of a great footballing era.

No.2 Kappa


Having found success in the 1970s with casual-wear and outerwear on the streets and ski slopes of Italy, the Robe di Kappa brand then turned to athletics and football.

They hit kit design gold in the early 1980s with Juventus and their huge v-neck/collared shirts style, complete with Ariston sponsorship.

No.3 Lotto


Italian company Lotto exploded onto the scene in the early 1990s with some really bold designs (too bold with that Fiorentina design!).

And any football kit manufacturer who creates those Croatia shirts of 1996/98, or the Milan 'Motta' shirt of 1993, deserves a mention.

No.4 Pouchain

Responsible for those incredible "lollipop" Roma shirts that graced Serie A in 1979-80

No.5 Playground

Produced some terrific Roma shirts in the early 1980s.

No.6 Diadora

A long association with the Italian national team saw Diadora produce some great kits and iconic training tops.