The Evolution of the Sampdoria Crest

AJAX crest 1900 to 1911
AJAX crest 1911 to 1928
AJAX crest 1928 to 1990
AJAX crest 1990 to Now

Sampdoria Crest 1907 to ????

AJAX crest 1900-1911

The first crest that the club adopted was the shield of St. George. This has nothing to do with any English influence on the creation of the club, quite the opposite, the cross of St. George is the historic flag of Genoa, England actually adopted it on their ships in the 12th century to get protection from the Genoese fleet when they were sailing in the Mediterranean. History lesson over, back to the football.

Fans of Sampdoria are a lucky breed. Not only do they have one of the greatest football kits going, but they also have one of the world's most iconic football crests. But neither of them would have been on created if it hadn't been for the merger of two existing clubs just after the Second World War. The crest became extrenmely well known in the 1990s as they assembled a fantastic side that claimed the club's first and only scudetto in 1991 and then reached the final of the 1992 European Cup, only to be beaten by Barcelona in extra-time. The cross had been used on the shirts of Andrea Doria before the two clubs merged. It's quite fitting that this was the first crest for the newly formed club, as it's been ever-present on Sampdoria kits since, always placed in the centre of the shirt, even when their iconic new crest was adopted in the 1980s.