CF Classics Small Logo

We love club crests. And these are great club crests...

No.1 Boca Juniors Argentina

Boca Juniors

Simple. Classic. Identifiable.

Those great chunky initials. The lovely colours. And all those stars - each one representing a domestic or international title won by the club.

No.2 Sampdoria Italy


Club colours ? Check.

Famous stripe ? Check.

A nod to Genoa's maritime heritage with the outline of a sailor called 'Baciccia' ? Check.

No.3 Valencia Spain


Many Spanish crests are topped with a crown.

Valencia has a bat.

A bit random ? No - t's the city's emblem.

No.4 Chesterfield England


We like the intertwined CFC letters and the colours. But what we really love is the Derbyshire town's unique symbol, the crooked spire, which also lends itself to one of the best football club nicknames around - the Spireites.

No.5 Santos Brazil


Classic South American design... Shield. Stripes. Initials. Retro ball.

No.6 Roma Italy


This is the retro Lupetto ("little wolf") crest, first used on kits in 1978, through until 1997. It's brilliant.

No.7 New York Cosmos USA

New York Cosmos

What a logo - it just screams the 1970s with those colours and the swirl effect.

The club has been reformed with a similar crest but it doesn't beat this original one from 1977.

No.8 Sporting CP Portugal


Love the white stripes cutting across the green shield.

They're known as the Leões (Lions), hence the symbol.

No.9 Olympique Marseille France

Olympique Marseille

Crest simplicity in 3 steps:

1. Take an "O".

2. Superimpose it over an ornate "M".

3. Add motto ("Straight to the Goal").

No.10 Hamburger SV Germany

Hamburger SV

Now this, is controversial.

Many people really dislike it because it doesn't actually mean anything.

But we embrace it's iconic simplicity.

No.11 Hellas Verona Italy

Hellas Verona

The club colours. The city's emblem. And two mastiffs which represent the club's nickname "I Mastini".

No.12 1.FC Köln Germany

1.FC Köln

The whole goat-on-cathedral thing really shouldn't work. But it does. Brilliantly.

No.13 FC Basel Switzerland

FC Basel

An old fashioned look and feel but all the better for it, especially the use of Basel's club colours.

No.14 Crvena Zvezda / Red Star Belgrade Serbia

Red Star Belgrade

A thing of beauty. Not only is Red Star Belgrade one of the classic club names of European football, but their badge is one of the continent's best too. And it does exactly what it says on the tin - that large red star making it instantly recognisable.

No.15 Fluminese Brazil


The classic look of the intertwined-club-initials that's so popular in many Brazilian crests.

No.16 Dukla Prague Czech Republic

Dukla Prague

One of the great names of East European club football, and a uniquely shaped badge.

No.17 Ajax Netherlands


Instantly recognisable as the badge and colours of the Dutch giants.

And the head ? An ancient Greek hero called Ajax, drawn using 11 separate lines to represent each of the players in the team.

No.18 Sheffield United England

Sheffield Utd

They’re from the steel city.

They're nicknamed the Blades.

The play in red and white.

It all works pretty well.

No.19 Torino Italy


Great bold shape & design. Lovely maroon colour.

The bull is the symbol of Turin, as well as the club.


No.20 Kaiserslautern Germany


Nothing much going on here, but we just love the chunky club initials against that red background.