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Whilst Argentina understandably went hunting high and low for the next Maradona, in a vain attempt to find someone worthy of replacing the great an himself in their national team, the rest of the world also did a pretty good job of finding their own impersonators, spawning a whole host of fantastically named alternative Diego's...

Maradona of the Alps Andi Herzog.

One of Austria's finest players, Herzog made his name as an attacking midfielder with Rapid Vienna in the late 1980s. His ability at free-kicks and running with the ball would earn him the Maradona of the Alps tag, as well as a move to Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga in 1992, the same year he won the Austrian Footballer of the Year award. He impressed enough for Bayern Munich to make a move for him, but he would only spend a single season in Bavaria before transferring back to Bremen.

In 2002 Herzog became Austria's most capped player, and would retire from international duty with 103 caps, still a national record.

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