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We’ve always loved Serie A, so to share the love we’ve got 10 classic Italian football phrases for you...

No.1 Scudetto.

Scudetto Serie A symbol

The Scudetto is the shield that winners of Serie A get to wear on their shirts for the following season - the phrase means "little shield".

Genoa wore the first one back in 1924, whilst it's become almost a standard feature on Juventus shirts in the last decade.

No.2 Regista.

Regista Pirlo

A Regista is a deep-lying midfield playmaker.

Think Giannini. Think Pirlo.

Players who sets the tempo for the team, orchestrates moves, directs the play etc.

The word literally translates as movie director.

No.3 Cucchiaio.

We know it as a Panenka. The Italians call it a Cucchiaio, literally meaning spoon.

Here’s Pirlo showing how to do one under pressure...

No.4 Curva.

Simple - Curva is a curved stand behind a goal, often home to Ultras, flares, massive flags and fantastic choreographed displays of support.

Whilst the vast majority of British football stadiums were traditionally rectangular in shape, with the stands built about as close as possible to the touchline, many continental stadiums would often have running tracks to make them multi-purpose, forcing the end stands to be curved.

You'll often get a name for each curva such as Curva Nord, or Curva Sud, meaning North Curve or South Curve.

Here’s the Curva Nord at Inter...

San Siro Curva Nord

No.5 Colpo di Tacco.

A colpo di tacco is a backheel.

Here’s AS Parma in the 1990's showing how they’re done by the likes of Asprilla and Crespo...

No.6 Coccarda.

Coccarda Coppa Italia symbol

Coccarda means rosette or badge. In football terms, the winners of the Coppa Italia get to wear this lovely symbol on their shirts for a season.

So if your team's good enough to do the Serie A and Coppa Italia double then they can wear both the Coccarda and Scudetto badges together the following season.

No.7 Il Tunnel.

The Nutmeg. Here’s a decent tunnel from Del Piero...

No.8 Tifosi.

Tifosi = fans. Here’s some from Napoli...

Napoli Tifosi

No.9 Capocannoniere.

The Capocannoniere award is for the Serie A top-scorer.

Milan legend Gunnar Nordahl has won it the most - five times (1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955).

No.10 Il Capitano.

The Captain. You know the ones - Facchetti, Zoff, Cannavaro.

I Capitani, a great bunch of lads.